Contaminated air in your network is a major risk – it ups your repair & maintenance costs and cuts into productivity. Mark’s range of filters, designed and tested according to ISO standards, are engineered to provide cost-effective, high-quality air.

G filter Range

  • Coalescing filter
  • General purpose protection
  • Removes solid particles, liquid water & oil aerosol

C filter Range

  • Coalescing filter
  • High efficiency
  • Removes solid particles, liquid water & oil aerosol

V filter Range

  • Activated carbon filter
  • 1000 hour lifetime
  • Removes oil vapour & hydrocarbon odours


  • Double O-rings guarantee proper sealing to reduce leakage risks and increase energy savings.
  • Reliable and user-friendly push-on element.
  • Protective paper avoids direct contact between filter media and stainless steel core.
  • Enhanced glass fiber media ensures higher filter efficiency, low pressure drop and lifetime performance.
  • Enhanced high-performance stainless steel filter cores ensure ultimate strength and low risk of implosion.
  • Oil coalescence filters with double drainage layer has a larger drainage capacity suitable for variable speed compressors. Dust filters with open foam per-filter for larger dust particles.
  • Epoxy sealed caps for reliable filtration.
  • Internal ribs support the element and facilitate the route of oil droplets.


Our drains remove potential condensates on a regular basis for clean air and optimized system performance. With zero manual dependence, we ensure maximum running time and minimal downtime.

Model Inlet Outlet Max Pressure Min Temp Max Temp Nominal Discharge Capacity
MFD 85 ½” 6 mm 16 bar 1.5 C 85 C 22 ml 84 L/Hr
MZD 800 ½” ½” 16 bar 1.5 C 85 C 90 ml 800 L/Hr
Model Inlet Outlet Max Pressure Min Temp Max Temp Voltage
MED 320 ½” 6 mm 15 bar 1.5 C 55 C 230V/1P/50-60Hz
Supply with 1.2 meter lead
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