Fast, Easy and Reliable

AIRnet Aluminium is fast and easy to install and gets your operations running immediately, helping maximize your time and productivity. AIRnet pipes and fittings are leak-proof and corrosion-free and come with a 10-year warranty.

Safe, Solid and Clean

AIRnet Stainless Steel piping system ensures 100% oil free air delivery from the source to end use, in line with the highest quality certifications.


Save the money that other piping systems spend

With the highest material quality, superior product design, low installation and maintenance costs, flexibility and safety, AIRnet assures
the lowest total cost of ownership, turning out to be the ideal investment. The piping network supports sustainable
operational excellence in your production process.

Sustaining energy efficiency

The AIRnet pipes and seamless connections have high-grade sealing to resist leaks and keep friction at a minimum. This prevents
pressure drops, saves energy, lowers energy costs and contributes to the sustainability
of your production process.

For any existing piping network

The comprehensive product range can be utilized in a wide range of applications to support your business. AIRnet can be
connected to any existing network within no time & its modular technology gives you the flexibility of modifying / expanding
your network without affecting your production. AIRnet is the future-proof solution! 

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